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President Message

Dear All,

It gives me immense pleasure to write first message on website of our esteemed Chamber.It is dream come true as all of us wanted to have website of Chamber to promote various programs.Rohilkhand region was feeding point for all hills till recent years. Bareilly being center point for / capital of business for long years.

Division of State and Globalization process has very much affected the business and Industry of this region. Taxation policies of Center for various reasons has favored our adjoining States.We the people of area have to work hard and in different way.

Some of our friends have taken these challenges and have diversified and business in area is surviving. People of this region have shown to all that we are now hub for Medical services and Education.

These two fields have generated employment and in turn business for Bareillyites.

We people of Rohilkhand have fighting spirit. We can take challenge and Progress on our own , but not without the support & vision of our Government and Political leaders. Together We Can.

Mr.Abhinav Agarwal

About Chamber of Commerce

Power :

Bareilly is not on priority list of U. P. Power Corporation, hence power supply is irregular without any schedule. Solution :
Political/ Administrative Importance should be given to Bareilly. So that more power supply in hrs. is given.
Local faults are not attended properly due to shortage of manpower more manpower should be arranged at least from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Quality of equipment, lines should be improved at earliest.
Community alternate power generation & distribution should be planned for respective Industrial Area.
Industries should not be overloaded in Tariff rates for other sectors.

Road Transport

Most roads are in bed conditions particularly N.H., so material/man movement is not smooth. Lots of Road holdings/Jams occur frequently, increasing the cost of transporter. Solution :
Road condition should be improved
Railway crossing should have over bridges. Till then it should be manned by Police.
During Shivratri -Kanwaviya movement disturbs movement of goods, this should be planned so that goods movements are not affected.

Work Environment: Not favorable :

Solution :
This requires NGO program.
Labour should be motivated to work at its full capability.
Labour should be trained for discipline, work culture, dedication etc.

Govt. Polices :

They are not followed :
All Senior officers should follow polices religiously.
There should be no interference of one department in to other department.
Inspection procedure should be followed strictly as per Govt. orders.
State Govt. should not make any change in policy framed by Central Government.
Committees particularly on VAT & other related Tax Matters.
Policy should be framed in a manner that others are not affected negative.

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